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Feb 8, 2018

This is the PPN - Q&A podcast episode #9 for February 2018.


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Here are the questions that Marco answers on this episode:


  1. Hi Marco, I have recently started to work as a part-time event and wedding photographer and always try to improve my workflow and quality of work. I often read on forums that a real pro should shoot in “M” (Manual) mode like the real masters do. But I have been taught that today’s cameras are very capable and often do a better job in choosing the right settings than a human can. I’m a bit confused on which is the better approach. Can you help in clarifying this for me? Thank you for all of the great shows that you produce. I’ve learned a lot so far.

Question from: Julia, Vancouver, Canada


  1. I am doing a lot of landscape photography and like to use ND filters to slow down the shutter speed and get blurry water and clouds. But ND filters are expensive and it is a pain to carry and switch many of them around. And when I stack two or three on top of each other to get different ND strengths, I get strong vignetting in the corners, especially on wide angle lenses. A variable ND filter looks like a great solution to get the job done with only one filter. What do you think about them?

Question from: Ian, Galway, Ireland


  1. I often hear Pincushion or barrel distortion when people talk about lenses. Is this a real issue and something to worry about? Which one is better or worse for general photography if I have the choice between two lenses? Tack så mycket!

Question from: Ole, Malmö, Sweden


  1. When photographing in the city with just one camera and lens on a strap and no bag. Where do you put your camera while eating at a café? Those small café tables outside, leave little room for food and drinks and you don't want the soft drinks to spill on the camera. Hanging the camera on the back of the chair is just inviting pickpockets to help themselves to your gear. Putting it on the pavement is also a bad idea with the risk of forgetting it or people to step on it. Best regards

From: Thomas, Copenhagen, Denmark


  1. Would you talk about extension tubes, please? My camera is an OMD-EM1 mark II. What is their purpose? Do they work with any lens? Is quality loss significant? Is quality loss more if you can use with zoom lenses? Can you recommend a brand? Plus all the questions I do not know enough to ask. Thanks!!!

From: Bill, Missouri, USA


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