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Aug 8, 2017

On the PPN Q&A show, we answer our listener questions about photography related topics.

Host Scott Bourne: @ScottBourne

Co-Host Rick Sammon: @ricksammon

Rick’s website:

B&H link:


Here are the questions that Scott and Rick answer on this episode:


  1. My internal drive is nearly full and I want to run my Lightroom catalog from an external drive. Do you have any tips or recommendations?

From Steve, Mary and Todd


  1. LR is turtle slow..time to jump to another program? Is Adobe doing anything about it?

From Daniel in Brasil


  1. Also, can you suggest any free or inexpensive one-time cost replacement software for iPhoto?

From Steve in Pennsylvania


  1. I am trying to understand why so many cameras come with high-quality video. I think that it makes sense to shoot video on a dedicated video camera and stills on a dedicated stills camera. Am I crazy?

From Ted in Seattle, WA


  1. With the advent of such high-quality image stabilization on some cameras and lenses, are tripods as valuable or as necessary as they used to be?

From Helen in San Rafael, CA


  1. I would like to photograph race cars at an Indycar event. What shutter speed should I use to freeze the action?

From Theron in Washington, D.C.


  1. I hear Scott say you sometimes need to “bump the focus” when photographing birds in flight and trying to get the most out of the autofocus. I think I understand but could you please explain?

From Jay in Anchorage, AK


  1. I want to save my photos for uploading to portfolio web sites but all my images are too big and get rejected or take too long to upload. I am new to photography and want to find out what the best practice is for Web image optimization.

From Jarred in Ocean Shores, WA


  1. I know that Rick Sammon travels all over the world and I love his portraits of people in their native lands. My question is how do you approach people from other cultures to get permission to make their portrait? I am always too shy to do that.

From Jessica in Center Valley, PA


  1. I am photographing by a lake near my home and there are lots of commercial buildings that I do not want to reflect in the lake. Short of learning how to remove these reflections in post, is there something I can do to remove the reflections in-camera? Is that what an ND filter does?

From Cathy in Inver Grove Heights, MN


  1. I’ve seen people on camera forums talking about super fast lenses - in the f/1.2 to f/1.8 range. Is it possible to use lenses like this wide open? Wouldn’t the depth-of-field be too narrow to accomplish much?

From Butch in Nashville, TN


  1. I want to photograph planes taking off and landing at my local airport. Do I need special permission from anyone to do that?

From Alex in Gilbert, AZ


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