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Apr 6, 2018

Q&A about Turning Pro, B&W Conversion, and Shooting Film


This is the PPN - Q&A podcast episode #11 for April 2018.


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Here are the questions that Marco answers in this episode:


  1. Hello Marco, I have been listening to you and Scott for some time and love the inspiration and knowledge that you share with so much enthusiasm on PPN. You are also one of the reasons that I want to pursue my photography more seriously and maybe start to make a living as a photographer. I enjoy to do portrait photography and could also see myself photographing weddings. You have mentioned that you are also a consultant for photography, so could you please give me some initial thoughts on how I should proceed? Thank you!

Question from: Charlotte, Dallas, Texas


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  1. Hi Marco, I would love to hear how you work with shadow/highlights and black/white points when processing your black & white work. I use Luminar not Lightroom so if there is a difference in approach due to the software please elaborate. Cheers Warwick

Question from: Warwick, Sydney, Australia

  1. Hi Marco! I enjoy all of your shows. I am a Mail Carrier in Montana, USA and podcasts are my lifeline! I do shoot digital (Fuji X100F and Nikon) but my real love lies in film. I seem to remember that you once said that you shoot with a Rolleiflex? I would love to hear about your Inspiration to shoot that camera and film. When, why, what you choose to shoot with film? Your thoughts, feelings, etc.

Question from: Betsy, Montana, USA


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