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Jan 30, 2021

To start off the new year for our PPN listeners, Marco has invited back his photographer friend Valérie Jardin to share some inspiration for photo assignments and projects with the audience.


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Valérie Jardin is a French photographer, currently residing in the United States. She is self-taught and worked for several years as a commercial photographer. Today, Valérie is known internationally through her workshops. When she is not teaching others the art of visual storytelling, Valérie is a prolific author, a speaker, and a podcast producer of the bi-weekly show Hit The Streets with Valérie Jardin. She is also an official X-Photographer for Fujifilm USA. She lives and breathes in pixels


Valérie picked Neil Kramer from the US as the PPN inspirational photographer of the month. Neil has inspired Valérie with his photo series that is documenting his life with his ex-wife and 86-years-old mother inside his two-bedroom apartment during the lockdown. Neil is a great example of how a photographer can find inspiration and a photo project even in the most limiting circumstances. Neil and his photo series have been covered by international media outlets, such as NBC’s The Today Show, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan Japan, and more.  You can check out Neil’s work on Instagram: @neilochka 


In the main part of the show, Valérie and Marco discuss ideas on how to find inspiration and approach photo assignments and projects. 


Current projects by Valérie:




Objet du Jour:

Inspirational Photo Book Pick of the Month: “Street Photography Assignments - 75 reasons to Hit the Streets and Learn.” by Valérie Jardin.


In this book, Valérie offers 75 hands-on photo assignments for photographers, that can get you inspired and motivated to go out with your camera and improve your vision and skills.

 The book is published by: rockynook and has 204 pages.


Amazon Germany: 


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On the monthly “Camera and Inspiration” podcast show of the PPN - Photo Podcast Network, Marco and usually a guest discuss the essence of photography and how to photograph with more intent. Determining the “why” before the “how” in photography is essential to understanding your subject better and create stronger images. In each episode, they introduce you to an inspirational photographer of the month and also share an inspirational photo book of the month.