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Dec 18, 2017

On this episode #9 “We Shoot Mirrorless” podcast episode for December 2017, Marco invited guest co-host Joseph Linaschke, also known as PhotoJoseph on social media, to discuss these new products and mirrorless topics:


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  • Joseph introduces himself and shares why and when he switched to mirrorless cameras for his professional work.


  • Panasonic announced a new camera. The LUMIX DC G9 has the latest 20.3 MPix m4/3 sensor (same as GH5 but tweaked and improved jpg image processing quality. It shoots up to 20 fps with continuous AF and its 5-axis sensor stabilization reduces shake up to 6.5 stops (it supports Dual IS, too). It has 225 AF points and an AF point selector joystick. The EVF has a huge magnification of 0.83x OLED EVF with 3.68 Mio dots next to a 3” fully articulating tilt-screen. Images can be stored on two UHS-II SD card slots. And connectivity options include HDMI, Mic, Headphone, Flash Sync, USB3, wired remote and WiFi 802.11ac standard. It shoots video in UHD 4K 60fps using the full sensor without an extra video crop.


Amazon DE:


  • Joseph also explained how the Panasonic LUMIX G9 compares to the LUMIX GH-5.


Amazon DE:


  • And they talked about some of the other cameras from the Panasonic LUMIX lineup like the

G7: B&H  Amazon DE:

G85: B&H  Amazon DE:

GX85: B&H  Amazon DE:


  • Panasonic also announced the Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f2.8 OIS Tele Prime lens with a 400mm equivalent FOV in 35mm terms. It supports Dual IS and has 3 linear motors for speed. There is also a 1.4 TC available to boost the range up to a 560mm FOV in 35mm terms. The lens is also freeze proof and weather sealed


Amazon DE:


  • Leica announced the compact CL camera. It’s and L-mount camera with a 24 MPix APS-C sensor. And compared to the Leica TL2, which heavily relies on a touchscreen menu control operation, the Leica CL is a bit more conventional with two exposure dials, a 4 way-controller and a few physical buttons. The CL also has a built-in EVF with 2.36 Mio dots (this has to be purchased as an extra attachment for the TL) and it has a small “current settings” LCD on top next to the shutter release. The rear LCD is also touch sensitive.



  • Leica also released the Noctilux-M 75mm f1.25 ASPH lens. This lens will offer a very shallow depth of field and should produce an amazing bokeh. The Minimum focus distance is 85cm or 3 ft, but the weight of approximately 1kg or 2.3 pounds is quite massive.



  • Sigma introduced the new 16mm f1.4 DC DN lens that will be shipping now for Sony APS-C (classic 24mm FOV with f1.4) and m4/3 cameras (32mm FOV equivalent). It has a stepping motor for fast and silent AF that should work well for still as well as video work. It’s dust and splash proof and has 9 rounded aperture blades for a circular bokeh wide open. The lens is also treated with an advanced lens coating to minimize flare and ghosting. The lens weighs 405g or 14.3 oz


Amazon DE:



  • Fujifilm updated the FW for many interchangeable lens cameras in the past month. The biggest upgrade came to the X-T2 with FW upgrade 3.0. The biggest improvement was made to the AF tracking algorithm for moving subjects. According to Fuji, it enhances the AF-C to track subjects twice as fast as previous FW as well as the ability to track moving objects up to 50% smaller than before. The FW also ads the ability to use “Fujifilm X Raw Studio”, improves radio flash controller usability, ads RGB histogram highlight warnings, and fixes a problem in Auto ISO setting with exposure compensation set to C.


Fuji’s FW site:  


  • This is the link to Joseph’s Panasonic LUMIX and GH5 training that he mentioned on the show:

Mirrorless question of the month:


Hello Scott and Marco,

I have a question for Marco. I'm in process of selling my Nikon D300s camera (way to heavy for my age and use) with the intention to get a Fujifilm X-T2. I plan to get the EF-x500 flash too, primarily for fill light for indoor shooting. However, I have read that this flash does not work well and it dies after a few uses (poor manufacturing or design flaw..!) the word is the OEM manufacturer "Nissin Digital i60A" flash does a much better job. I know from the podcast that you don't use flash much. But I wanted to know your understanding/recommendation on to which flash to get - the Fujifilm EF-x500 or Nissin Digital i60A or a different one? I'll appreciate any advice.

From: Viguen from West Hills, Ca.

  • We have a PPN Photo Podcast Network group at Flickr (click link) that is open to our listeners and photos taken with all mirrorless camera brands. If you want to join just let us know through the "request invitation" button on the group and drop us a quick line there. We'll add you to the group then. And please ask for the invite via the web browser and not via the Flickr App. The invite process via the app has not been working reliably.


  • You can also submit an image using the Instagram hashtag #WeShootMirrorless



Co-Host Joseph Linaschke

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Joseph’s Panasonic LUMIX and GH5 training:


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