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Feb 22, 2018

On this episode #11 of the “We Shoot Mirrorless” podcast for February 2018, Marco and Scott discuss these new products and mirrorless topics:


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  • Scott tells us what he has been up to and at which photography events he can be seen in the next couple of weeks.


  • We are giving away one COSYSPEED CAMSLINGER Streetomatic + camera bag on this show. Listen to find out who has won it.


  • Fuji announced their new top model camera the X-H1. This camera is a hybrid between a photo and video camera and Marco has received a lot of questions regarding this camera and he’ll give his honest opinion regarding some of the features and changes that Fuji has implemented in this camera.



  • Olympus has announced the entry-level mirrorless PEN E-PL9 camera.

Amazon DE:


  • Panasonic has announced the compact GX9 camera with a 20MP m4/3 sensor and 90° tilting EVF. This could be a very nice street photography camera.



  • Panasonic has also announced the ZS200/TZ200 which features a 20MP 1” sensor, 5-Axis Image-Stabilization, and a 24-360mm equivalent field of view super zoom lens.



  • Lensbaby announced the Burnside 35mm lens with variable vignetting. This lens introduces the Petzval lens features to a relatively wide 35mm f2.8 lens. It is supposed to be bright and sharp in the center with a nice color rendition - while a slider can introduce a variable amount of swirling bokeh and vignetting to the outer area of the frame. The Burnside 35mm is rendered for full-frame DSLR cameras, but it also comes in mirrorless mounts for Micro Four Thirds, Sony E, Fujifilm X and Samsung NX mount.



  • DJI has announced yet another very desirable drone. The new DJI Mavic Air fits right in between the entry-level Spark and the top compact model Mavic Pro.



  • Sony has developed a backlit CMOS sensor with global shutter, and Scott and Marco discuss if and how this could change the future of photography.


  • Scott will be at the Skylum booth at WPPI. Check out the Skylum LUMINAR 2018 software.

Link: (use the discount code “PHOTOPODCASTS” at checkout for extra savings)

Mirrorless question of the month:

Dear Marco, dear Scott, As a big fan of your show I know that you are in favor of Fuji (Marco) and Olympus (Scott). Currently, I have the opportunity to test the Olympus om-d e-m1 mark ii for four weeks and I have to say this is a very nice camera. I like it very much. Now I would be very much interested to compare the Olympus with the Fuji X-T2 and I thought this would be a nice topic for your show as you know both cameras very well. I'm not so much interested in specs comparison but rather in daily practice and image quality etc. I would be very grateful if you could cover this topic in one of your next show. Thanks in advance and best regards Helmut (from Munich)

  • We have a PPN Photo Podcast Network group at Flickr (click link) that is open to our listeners and photos taken with all mirrorless camera brands. If you want to join just let us know through the "request invitation" button on the group and drop us a quick line there. We'll add you to the group then. And please ask for the invite via the web browser and not via the Flickr App. The invite process via the app has not been working reliably.

You can also submit an image using the Instagram hashtag #WeShootMirrorless


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About this show:

On the monthly #WeShootMirrorless episode of the “PPN - Photo Podcast Network” show, Marco and a guest will discuss news from the mirrorless camera world related to innovations, trends, gear and accessories. And they will introduce mirrorless camera brands by interviewing the respective managers of those manufacturers. They will also invite pro photographers who make their living working with mirrorless cameras to share some tips and tricks on their workflow.