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Jan 10, 2018

This is the PPN - Q&A podcast episode #8 for January 2018.


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Here are the questions that Marco answers on this episode:


  1. Hi Marco, I've heard you make the argument in favor of tilt LCD screens on cameras and that they can be very useful and sometimes can get you shots that would be hard to get without it. I’m in the process of buying a new camera and want to buy one with a tilt LCD. But there are different kind of flip and rotating screens and I’m wondering where the advantages of the different kinds are? I’m doing mainly interior and outdoor photography.Thanks!

Question from: Melissa from Boston, Massachusetts


  1. Hi Scott & Marco, why is it that documentary photography and street photography work better with wider angle lenses than tele lenses? It feels much easier to get a clean, nondistracting image when I zoom in closer to the subject. Thank you!

Question from: Piotre from Krakow, Poland


  1. Should I buy a kit lens bundle as they are often a good value or rather buy the body only and use the extra money for the better lens that I really want?

Question from: Frank from Brisbane, Australia


  1. Hi Guys, one questions from Cologne in Germany: If you could look in your crystal ball, would you see 3rd party lens producers like Tamron, Sigma or Tokina to develop lenses for Fuji in the future? I only know about Zeiss and Samyang which are no real serious competitors for Fuji lenses. Thank you, and have a nice X-Mas.

Question from: Daniel from Cologne, Germany


  1. I have a question about TETHERING. I’ve got a FujiFilm X-T2, great camera, and I’ve got a 27” retina iMac, so in that respect, tethering at home is no problem. But if I’m shooting portraits outside the home, or doing real estate photography, it’s not practical to bring a desktop computer. I don’t have a laptop, but I do have a WiFi only iPad Air (about 3 years old) which has a lightning connection (pretty sure it’s lightning). Is there a cable, and/or a workflow that will at least give me a preview of my images on the iPad Air, without interfacing with a desktop, laptop or cellular connection? I’m not concerned about making adjustments with Lightroom Mobile, or saving them to the iPad. It’s all about seeing the images larger, and giving the client a sneak peak. Thanks in advance for the advice and love the show!

Question from: Brent from Pittsburgh, PA (USA)


  1. Listener reply to Warwick’s question from last week:

How confident should I feel about my computer being able to read my Nikon and Fuji raw files in say 20 years time?


Answer from listener Marc:

Marco, I have to tell you, that the TIFF format is an ISO standard, so you will get software to read the files even in 100 and more years! I work in the digital archive business for 13 years now! Best regards, Marc from Hamburg, Germany


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