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Jul 20, 2017

On this special Q&A episode, Scott answers many of the listener questions that he received after announcing his switch from the top of the line Canon full frame DSLR camera to a m4/3 system (Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II).

Scott discusses questions about these topics:

  • Why switch to a smaller format sensor camera?
  • Does IBIS on sensor work as well as on a top of the line IS lenses for DSLRs?
  • How does the AF of the Olympus compare to that of DSLRs?
  • Is the EVF a limiting factor when shooting fast pace birds in flight?
  • What about image quality when moving to a smaller sensor camera?
  • What about the quality of the smaller m4/3 lenses compared to the big FF lenses?
  • Are there enough accessories available for m4/3 cameras?
  • Are there situations/genres where a smaller sensor m4/3 camera is not the first choice?


Host: Scott Bourne

Scott’s Website:

Scott on Twitter: @ScottBourne