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Jun 12, 2017

Host Scott Bourne @ScottBourne

Co-Host Rick Sammon @ricksammon


Companies mentioned during the show:

 American Frame -

 Rick’s website -


Question 1:

We are doing the standard-traditional-old frame + mat + print. We would love to hear what you have to say about display options. Do you always need a mat? What about printing with a large white border instead of a mat ... do suppliers do that ... is it suitable for display? What other display options should we be considering as opposed to the standard old frame-mat-print?

 From Jim in Vancouver, BC


Question 2:

I noticed that some of Scott’s photos look like paintings. What software do you use to accomplish that goal?

 We received this question from several people, thanks to Michael, Glenn, Dave, Wendy and Sam


Question 3:

I like to photograph people who run hospitals. I photograph board members, etc. I am trying to expand that business and am looking for ideas on how to get hired by more hospitals to make portraits of their execs.

 From Keith in Sitka, AK


Question 4:

I have heard many different viewpoints on the difference in DOF/Bokeh on full-frame cameras v. M43/APS-C cameras. Is the amount of light that passes through the lens at say f/8 the same on all formats?

 From Ellen in Los Angeles


Question 5:

I know that many of the folks like you have written and published photography books or had your images used in newspapers, books, magazines, etc. How does someone get noticed in today’s world where everyone has a camera?

 From Barb in Laughlin, NV


Question 6:

I hear that pros only shoot RAW. Is there ever a case for pros only shooting JPEGs?

 From David in Brooklyn, NY


Question 7:

Scott always says as camera to subject distance decreases, so does DOF. Can you explain that a little bit more and are there any exceptions at all?

 From Russ in Macon, GA


Question 8:

I primarily do street photography and have just bought my first mirrorless camera, a Fuji X100F. I love it but am experiencing an issue I don't get with my DSLR and that is motion blur. On the street in daylight I try to use 1/200th min shutter speed and have never had a problem with motion blur on the DSLR with people walking past. I have had several instances with the X100F where the person is sharp but a foot or hand blurs. Is this "a thing" with mirrorless shutters ?

 From Warwick (North Avoca, NSW Australia)


Question 9:

Should people use electronic shutter or mechanical shutters? I have heard that the use of electronic shutters can cause problems with third party lenses and also can cause what’s called rolling shutter.

 We received this question from several people, thanks to Jack, Ken, Jim and George


Question 10:

I’d like to get into digital medium format to shoot portraits. But what I want to achieve is that special look I see in old 6x6 or 6x7 film portraits. There is a kind of look, perspective or DOF to those, almost a "3D" look, that I can not see reproduced by modern digital medium format prints. Why is that so? Is there a way to achieve that look with digital medium format cameras?

 From Luciano Santo in Brazil


Question 11:

How important is it to get the flash off camera given the large number of flash diffusers you can now buy that allow flash shooters to create special effects. Is it still important to get the flash off the camera?

 From Dereck in Portland, OR


Question 12:

How do you know where to find wildlife - especially birds. I noticed Scott is able to photograph birds just about anywhere. I don’t see many birds where I live - or any wildlife for that matter. Is there a trick I am missing?

 From Elliot in Memphis, TN