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Dec 21, 2018

AI is slowly entering our daily lives and can make many tasks easier for us. Thankfully, photo editing software is also becoming more intelligent and helps photographers to speed up their workflow and post-processing. But where are we now in the development and where are we headed in the next couple of years? Will photographers be obsolete in the not so distant future?

Marco invited Alex Savsunenko (head of Skylum AI lab) to discuss this topic.


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These are some of the topics that Marco and Alex discuss on this episode:


  • What exactly is the definition of AI?


  • Where is AI implemented in current photo editing software like Luminar 3?


  • Is the device processing power still the bottleneck for AI tasks or do we still need more advancements on the programming side?


  • Will AI be able to help us with image keywording and to make intelligent searches throughout our whole image library?


  • Will we ever see an intelligent way to apply exactly the same image look to a whole series of images based on how we have been doing our editing in the past? Filters and styles are not smart, yet.


  • How likely is it that the AI image processing will be applied directly into our cameras?


  • Alex looks into his crystal ball where he sees AI implementation in the next few years.


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