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Apr 22, 2018

The More Gear Show topic this month is: Shooting video from a photographer's point of view - with guest host Joseph Linaschke, better known as PhotoJoseph on the internet.


This episode is sponsored by:

Skylum and Luminar 2018 - The most innovative photo editor for Mac and PC.

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This More Gear Topic will be about shooting video from a photographer's point of view. Many of us photographers are scared of shooting video because we have grown up to capture the decisive moment in 1/1000s and edit that moment to perfection in the darkroom or nowadays in Lightroom or other photo editing software.

But we also pay good money for all of the latest and greatest video features in our photo cameras, so we might as well start to use them.

And in order to give you very experienced and qualified tips, Marco invited his friend PhotoJoseph who is not only a great guy, a wonderful photographer, an official Panasonic Luminary ambassador, but he is also a pro in regards of recording and editing professional videos.

Gear and techniques discussed in this episode:


  • Setting up your iPhone / smartphone to record good video. How good are smartphones for video and where are the limitations?

  • Recording video with rugged action cams like the new GoPro Hero is quite useful for certain situations, too. And few settings also mean few chances for errors.

GoPro Hero Amazon Germany:

GoPro Hero B&H:

  • 4K, 1080P, 24P, 30P, 60P… What does all this mean in the real world and which one should you choose to get the desired look?

  • How to set up your digital photo camera in order to get good looking video and audio results? What gear is suggested?


Rode VMMICRO - Compact on camera mic:

Amazon Germany:



Panasonic GH5

Amazon Germany:


  • Easy backup, storing, and processing of your video files - even on your iPhone - via GNARBOX SSD:

Amazon Germany:


  • LumaFusion is the iOS video editing software that Joseph uses on his iPad to process his images on the GNARBOX SSD:

  • Joseph will speak at the Out Of Chicago Conference this summer. Use the discount code “photojoseph” to save on your registration fee (discount is only available until April 25th!)


Co-Host info for Joseph Linaschke / PhotoJoseph

Joseph’s Website:

Joseph’s YouTube Channel:

Joseph’s Twitter: @PhotoJoseph

Joseph’s Instagram:

Joseph’s Panasonic LUMIX and GH5 training:

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