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Aug 22, 2017

This is episode #5 of the Camera and Inspiration show at “PPN - Photo Podcast Network” for August 2017

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  • Scott picks this month inspirational photographer: John Paul Caponigro (born 1965 in Boston) is an American Environmental Fine Art Landscape Photographer. His unique photography crosses the lines of photography and painting. He teaches workshops on many different aspects of photography, such as printing, creativity or processing. Please check out the amazing work of John Paul on his website:
  • On this show, Marco interviews Scott on how to become a better bird photographer.
  • What inspired Scott to become a bird photographer?
  • What are the basics that one has to consider when starting to get into bird photography? Where do birds like to hang out?
  • How to get closer to the birds if you don’t have a longer lens than 200 or 300mm focal length?
  • From what angle should a bird be photographed to get a good bird portrait?
  • Don’t underestimate the weather conditions (sun angle and wind).
  • Technical camera settings for birds in flight photography.
  • What are some basic post processing tips for successful bird photos?

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About this show:

On the monthly “Camera and Inspiration” podcast show of the PPN - Photo Podcast Network, Scott and Marco discuss the essence of photography and how to photograph with more intent. Determining the “why” before the “how” in photography is essential to understanding your subject better and create stronger images. In each episode, they introduce you to an inspirational photographer of the month and also share an inspirational photo book of the month.