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Dec 30, 2019

Marco invited back his friend and PPN co-founder Scott Bourn to the traditional “end of the year in front of the virtual fireplace” Camera and Inspiration episode. And as this is also the last show of the decade, they look back at the past ten years and how it has influenced the world of photography.


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Inspirational photographer of the month:

Scott picked Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto (born 1948 in Tokyo). Scott is particularly impressed with the Diorama photography that Hiroshi Sugimoto creates. It is a great example that there are many different areas in photography away from the very common themes that are worth exploring and that can lead to an excellent portfolio and make a photographer famous in a niche genre, too. Sugimoto has more work that is worth exploring and he has won many international photo awards and exhibited his work around the world. You can find out more about Hiroshi Sugimoto by visiting his website:

Here is a video interview where Hiroshi Sugimoto talks about his diorama work:


What has happened in the past decade of photography?

Some of the important photographers that have passed away in the past decade:


Robert Frank 1924-2019 - 94- Swiss / American Photographer. He was working for Life, Vogue and Fortune Magazine. In 1955 he received a Guggenheim grant that allowed him to do a social documentary in the USA for 2 years. Frank took 28.000 images during this time and 83 of these images were curated and published in the book “The Americans” that turned out to be the most important photo documentary of the 1950s in the US.


Peter Lindbergh (1944-2019) - He was a German fashion photographer. His image of five young models in downtown NY made the cover of the British Vogue in 1990. This started a new Zeitgeist in fashion photography after the high-gloss and make-up overkill era of the 1980s. He created a new understanding of female beauty with his black and white raw and alluring film images.


Fred Herzog (1930-2019) - He was a documentary photographer who was born in Germany and migrated to Vancouver Canada in 1953 where he documented the seemingly unspectacular everyday life of the city with his Leica on Kodachrome film.


Terry O’Neill (1938-2019) - He was a British celebrity photographer - He documented celebrities like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton John and so on. And he did it mainly in a candid photography style.


Robert Freeman (1936-2019) - He was also a British photographer who is known as the Beatles photographer.


Ara Güler (1928-2018) - Ara was probably the most influential Turkish photographer so far. He was also a Magnum photographer that traveled the world and captured many amazing images with his analog camera on B&W film. But most of his work portraits his home town Istanbul - his portfolio is an amazing visual history of this city. His nickname was the Eye of Istanbul.


Ren Hang (1987-2017) - He is regarded as a controversial Chinese photographer who was known for taking nude portraits of his friends. But he suffered from depression and took his life at age 29. His work is currently exhibited at the ℅ Berlin photo gallery it runs until February 29th, 2020.


Ben Martin (1930-2017) - He was a staff photographer for TIME and LIFE magazine who covered many memorable events like presidential debates between Nixon and Kennedy, JFK’s funeral, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights events.


Pete Turner (1934-2017) - He was one of the first masters of color photography. He started to experiment with colors as a teenager and his work merged the lines between art and commercial photography. He loved breaking the rules and this made him one of the most influential photographers of all time. Some of his stunning color photos can be seen in the book Color of Jazz. His most famous photo shows a giraffe silhouette with a bright red sky and purple ground.


Mary Ellen Mark (1940-2015) - She was a US photojournalist and Magnum member. She focused most of her work showing people who lived at the fringes of society. Her images display the empathy that she must have felt for her subjects.


Saul Leiter (1923-2013) - He was a US photographer and painter. His street photos of New York are beautifully captured and many resemble the look of a beautiful painting.


There are countless more amazing photographers that we did not cover here - many not as famous as they would have deserved to be but that have created amazing work. And we’ll continue to pick one photographer on each PPN Camera and Inspiration show in the future. But if you want to share other photographers that you feel very strongly about just add that photographers' name with a quick explanation of what you like about his or her work to the show notes below.

Inspirational Photo Book Pick of the Month: “Born Free and Equal - The Story of Loyal Japanese Americans ” by Ansel Adams.

An overview from the publisher:

“On February 19, 1942, U.S. presidential order forcibly removed more than 110,000 persons from their homes to one of ten "war relocation centers" across the country. All were of Japanese ancestry, but two-thirds were American citizens. Ralph Merritt, then director of Manzanar War Relocation Center, asked friend Ansel Adams to photograph the center, set against the remote mountains of California's Sierra Nevada.

The resulting effort, Born Free and Equal: The Story of Loyal Japanese Americans, written and photographed by Adams, was released in 1944 to the American public as a book and exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Reeling from the impact of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and unable to make the distinction between American citizens of Japanese ancestry and the Japanese enemy of war, Adams' message was essentially lost on the American public.”

The book is published by: Spotted Dog Press

128 Pages

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