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Jul 15, 2019

Street Photography with a System instead of lucky snapshots - interview with Siegfried Hansen.


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For the “Street Photography with a System” episode, Marco invited Siegfried Hansen to the show. Siegfried was born in Northern Germany and picked up a camera to become a street photographer 20 years ago after visiting a photo exhibition by André Kertész.

He developed a unique photography style that leads to many publications and exhibitions of his work all over the world. He has solo published two books and has contributed to at least 13 more book publications. He is also a member of the prestigious In-Public (now called UP Photographers) street photography collective and some may have seen him appear in the Sky Arte TV Show “Master of Photography” in 2017.

He is also one of the co-founders of the German Street Photography site and the German Street Photography Festival.


On this episode, Marco and Siegfried discuss how you can improve your street photography by working with a system and how going back to the same places over and over again increases your chances of getting a great shot.

Siegfried established the catchy P.I.L.O.T. system to help you structure your street photography approach:

P = Place

I = Inspiration

L = Layers

O = Objects

T = Theme


Inspirational photographer of the month:

Siegfried picks Ernst Haas (born 1921 in Vienna, Austria - died 1986 in New York) an early adopter of Kodachrome color film at a time where most photographers were still using B&W film. His unique style of capturing graphic scenes and reflections in cities quickly attracted the attention of magazines and publishers. He was invited to join Magnum and even became Mangum's president in 1960. Ernst Haas photo books are very popular up to today and are often sold out. In September 2019 a new book of his will be published by Magnum and his estate. 

Links to Siegfried Hansesn’s work and social media accounts:






Inspirational Photo Book Pick of the Month:


Siegfried picks:

“Ernst Haas: Color Correction” 

Hardback, 232 pages, Published by: Steidl


Amazon Germany: 

Publishers Website:  

The book shows complex, clever and vibrant color images that were never exhibited during Haas’s lifetime.


Marco picks:

“Hold the Line” by Siegfried Hansen




Hold the Line is a beautiful and clever street photo book with a collection of lines, symmetry, and color in public space. It has 56 pages and was published by Kettler in May 2015. The book is sold out and now fetches quite high prices on the used photography book market.

So this is a reminder that sometimes it’s worth to get the photo book right away when it’s still available. 

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