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May 3, 2019

For the “On Talking Creativity” episode, Marco invited Jeffery Saddoris to the show. Jeffery was born in California and became a technical theater major in college. After working on scenery and costume design at different theaters in the US, he changed directions and became an instructor for HTML and Photoshop - which eventually led him to become an Art Director at Universal Studios.

Since High-School, he has always explored photography and painting as a hobby and merged both passions together in mixed media art. After many years of practicing and teaching photography, he wanted to share and discuss the creative process in photography and art with the world. He started the website Faded & Blurred, which was a leading source of photographic inspiration from 2009-2015, and still is a great resource today.

Jeffery joined NY photographer Bill Wadman in 2012 to co-host the popular weekly photography podcast “OTP - On Taking Pictures” which ran for 6 years and 326 episodes. Now Jeffery runs his own series of podcasts on creativity like “Process Driven”, Iterations”, or “In Between”.

He’s also the author of a great photography guide “Photography by the Letter” (link:

Jeffery’s current short bio states: Serial Conversationalist, Podcaster, Author, Photographer, Painter.

And on this episode, Marco and Jeffery discuss the creative struggles and sources of inspiration that artists and non-artists constantly encounter in their lives.


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Jeffery picks Alexey Brodovitch (1898-1971) as his inspirational photographer/artist of the month.

Links to Jeffery Saddoris work and social media accounts:






Inspirational Photo Book Pick of the Month:


Marco picks:

“Photography by the Letter” by Jeffery Saddoris



Jeffery’s book is a comprehensive A-Z field guide for photographers. It’s visually a joy to look at and you can tell that he has spent a long time on composing the drawings and charts to explain the subject matter in a very organized and visual way.

The book is structured in a way that you can look up a subject by the letter - for example, “A” like Angle of View or Aspect Ratio and read and look at the explanation and the accompanying drawings. And the subject matter ranges from old analog terms to modern digital photography terms.

 For example, you’ll find out how a bellow is used and how it relates to our modern macro extension tubes and Tilt-Shift lenses. And this makes this book a fun resource to explore for a photography beginner as well as a seasoned pro. This book will simply make you a more educated photographer. And it also inspires you to take action with photo exercises.

 The eBook is $20 and the hard copy is $30. Or you can currently pick up both in a digital bundle special for $40.

Jeffery picks:

“Avedon’s France: Old World, New Look”


Hardback, 792 pages, Published by: Abrams & Chronicle Books

Amazon Germany:

Publishers Website:  

Richard Avedon was fascinated with France. And this book showcases a collection of spectacular and fun photographs by the master image maker and artist.

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On the monthly “Camera and Inspiration” podcast show of the PPN - Photo Podcast Network, Marco and usually a guest discuss the essence of photography and how to photograph with more intent. Determining the “why” before the “how” in photography is essential to understanding your subject better and create stronger images. In each episode, they introduce you to an inspirational photographer of the month and also share an inspirational photo book of the month.