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Feb 14, 2019

Troy Christopher Plota talks about the future of photography and how motion in our still images can set us apart from the competition.


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  • Troy Christopher Plota is an award-winning photographer and director who has been shooting advertising and fashion campaigns for 30 years. His work was featured in top publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair and on billboards around the world. You may also have watched his Ted X talk or seen him works as a photographer for Heidi Klum on Germany’s Next Top Model TV show. In recent years he has shifted his focus to become a motion artist and has since created a software and online platform that can turn any photographer into a motion artist.


  • Troy picked fashion photographer and director Herb Ritts (1952 - 2002 in LA, USA) as the PPN inspirational photographer of the month. Herb photographed many celebrities between the 1970s and 1990s amongst them were Madonna, Richard Gere, David Bowie, Ronald Reagan, and many more. But photography was not enough for him so he later directed music videos for stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Britney Spears. He was a true trailblazer as he was one of the first photographers to also produce videos for his clients. You can check out some of his images on his portfolio website:


In the main part of the show, Troy and Marco discuss the topic: Is the future of photography in motion?


  • How does Troy see the future of photography - especially for those photographers who make a living off this craft?
  • The visual world mainly consists of still photos and videos - and many photographers have to offer both technologies to their clients today. Why did Troy think that the world needed something in between both technologies (Plotagraphs)?


  • What is the purpose and advantage of a photo with motion?


  • Where do plotagraphs work and what are the limitations? Do they only work on websites or can you use them on Instagram, Flickr, Linkedin and so on?


  • If our listeners want to create a plotagraph, what do they have to do?


  • Which images will work best for motion? What can you do when capturing the image to ensure that it’ll work for motion?


  • Troy has created the Plotaverse. What is it and why is it necessary to have another social media platform?

Here are the links to Troy Christopher Plota’s work and social media accounts:





Inspirational Photo Book Pick of the Month:


“A different vision on fashion photography” - by Peter Lindbergh.


The book is published by TASCHEN and it has 472 pages

Amazon Germany:



“Fashion photographers are the new painters” - Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh’s image of five young models, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington in downtown NY made the cover of the British Vogue in 1990 and it started a new trend in fashion photography and created a new understanding of female beauty. His black and white film images are raw and alluring. They show character, tell stories but are romantic at the same time. This triggered new ideas for the fashion and art world. After the high-gloss and make-up overkill era of the 1980s, - the back then fairly unknown Lindbergh chose a simple and natural “back to the roots” style with his images. And at first, he was turned down by magazines. But he was very persistent and eventually the new Zeitgeist and potential of this style was realized and created his breakthrough in 1990.


Marco likes this book because it is a collection of 40 years of Lindbergh’s work and it shows the influence that he has had on the fashion industry.

His grainy B&W images leave a lot of room for the character, the natural beauty and the soul of the model and turned the fashion that was advertised into a by-product or accessory in the background. According to Marco, this book should belong in any photo book collection.

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