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Jan 16, 2019

Damien Lovegrove shares valuable tips on how to improve your portrait shooting skills and what to watch out for on the technical and emotional side of a portrait shoot.


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Marco Larousse Photography Workshops

  • Damien Lovegrove has been a pro photographer for many years and has covered different genres of photography. During his career, he has won many awards but he eventually decided not to participate in competitions anymore and let the clients be the judges of his images. He is a world-renowned portrait photographer and a teacher who shares his passion for light, places, and people in workshops around the world. He is also a great guy and it is always inspiring to listen to him talk about photography.


  • Damien shares how he started his career as a cameraman at the BBC and learned how to light people and how actors were guided into narratives in front of the camera. Eventually, he quit his job at the BBC and became a commercial photographer and later a wedding photographer. Today he teaches his passion for lighting and capturing portraits in workshops around Europe and the rest of the world.


  • Damien picked the German photographer Vincent Peters (born 1969 in Bremen, Germany) as the PPN inspirational photographer of the month. Vincent is best known for his strong and beautifully lit fashion photography. He has worked for the top fashion labels and magazines like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Nike, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Damien finds especially Vincent’s strong and moody B&W photos stunning. Check out a selection of Vincent’s photos in GOOGLE’S Image Search (click link) or go directly to his website at: (site seems to be down!)


In the main part of the show, Damien and Marco discuss different aspects on how to approach a model photo shoot.


  • Prepare and practice so that you are confident with the technical aspect of your shoot. This will comfort the model and put less stress on you.


  • Create a narrative to pose your model in a natural way.


  • Shooting outside the studio can actually be easier as things are more natural and less static. Find good locations with layers and controlled light like overpasses to place your model at and work with the available light.


  • Bring only one flash if you want to add more light and don’t use E-TTL in situations where the flash is placed off the camera. A manual flash setting will yield much greater control and consistency.


  • Set up your camera for a good ambient exposure mood and then add the flash manually to bring more light onto the subject.


  • Only use the bare light without light formers to imitate the strong light of the natural sun. A big softbox will make faces appear wider than a well placed small light source.


  • Use continuous light in darker situations where you don’t need to overpower the sun. This gives you a lot of control, especially when using an EVF.


  • Enjoy your photo shoot. Make photography fun and remove the stress from it.

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